Tips for Organizing and Rearranging Your Living Room

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October 28, 2022
By: Katie McCann

The living room really lives up to its name – we spend a good deal of our free time in that space with our family and friends. And while we like to imagine it as the perfect place to escape the rest of the world, we tend to bring our lives into the living room. That means that it’s all too easy for clutter to build up or for us to just stick new pieces of furniture wherever there’s free space.

But is that really the best way to do it? I want to talk about a few ways that you can organize and arrange your living room to make it more peaceful, comfortable, and easier to move through. 

Tip 1: Declutter First

There are some real benefits of decluttering your home, including better mental health. Getting rid of the build-up of stuff that comes with having a busy life is the first step when you’re trying to organize your living room. 

Start by separating items into a couple of different categories: 

  • Stuff that will stay in the living room 
  • Items that will stay somewhere else in the house
  • Things you need to throw away or recycle
  • Items that you can sell or donate 

When you approach decluttering with those categories in mind, it will make it easier to sort through things instead of hoping that the perfect place for a lamp or piece of decor will magically pop into your mind. 

If you aren’t sure if you can get rid of some items, you can add some bookcases or shelving to the room to give you more storage space and an additional opportunity for decorating. 

Once all of the items that don’t belong in your living room are gone, you’ll be able to start figuring out exactly what the layout of the room should be.

Tip 2: Plan Your New Layout

Whether you have a large room or a more cozy space, there is a layout that will help the space feel more inviting. 

For small rooms, focus on smaller seating options to avoid making the room feel cramped. A variety of love seats, chairs, and a recliner or two gives everyone a place to sit without creating an impassable clump of furniture. 

Another option for a small living room (that also works well in a larger space) is a symmetrical layout. In this layout, you use your furniture to create a balanced layout, usually in the center of the room. It’s a classy look that also lets people move through the space easily.

If you have a larger space, resist the urge to spread your furniture out to try to fill the space. It can make the room feel even bigger if all of your seating is spread apart. If you have the room, creating different “zones” is an excellent solution. A reading nook in one corner and an area to watch TV allows for ample seating and lets people spread out.

If you aren’t sure about the best way to arrange your living room, use this room layout planner from Angi. With it, you can try out a few options without the hassle of actually moving things around just to find you don’t like the arrangement.

Tip 3: Change It Up

Your living room is like a living, breathing thing so don’t be afraid of making changes. Whether it is something small like painting an accent wall or something bigger like getting a new set of furniture, it’s important to keep the room comfortable and inviting for everyone in the house. 

One great method of keeping things fresh in your living room is by keeping it as organized as you can. Organizing helps keep clutter down and it can highlight the areas most likely to gather items.

If you need help organizing your home, office, or you want assistance with planning your next move, get in touch with Haven today. We have years of experience helping people organize their lives in the middle of transitions like moving, having a baby, or getting married.  

Angi living room layout planner