On Marie Kondo and the Life-Changing Magic of Giving Up

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March 1, 2023
Katie McCann

"Marie Kondo Stops Tidying Up: 'My Home Is Messy'"

"Marie Kondo Has Finally Realized What It Costs to Be Tidy"

"Relatable: Marie Kondo Gives Up"

These are just some of the ✨snarky✨ headlines I saw pop up when Marie Kondo recently admitted that she is putting less focus on tidying so she can be fully present for her 3 children, husband and multi-million dollar business.

It seems that the parenting world simply delighted in throwing shade at the tidying queen and practically growled "See!? I KNEW it! It IS impossible to maintain an organized home with kids!"

But I definitely interpreted her admission a bit differently.

Her Mess is Not OUR Mess

Marie Kondo is a super minimalist who aims to never, ever leave a stray item out even a moment after using it. She also does not keep any backstock or anything in her home that she does not love, use and want to take care of. I must imagine that her idea of having a messy house would look like a showroom to you and I.  She has given herself some grace in regards to her view of a tidy home and I’m positive has not just completely let it go.  This would go against her core values and she’d struggle to maintain her life without any organization.

Can We Give Women/Moms/Parents/Humans a Break?

Wouldn’t it be great if when someone admitted a flaw or shortcoming and tried to connect through being vulnerable, the internet applauded them instead of crucified them?  It made me bummed out to see this many people rejoice in something Marie Kondo let us all in on to show it’s ok for your values and needs to change as your family grows. The whole point of organization is for it to be flexible and change and morph as your life and values change.  Right now, she is less focused on tidying through this busy season of her life.  I can guarantee she’ll refocus on it once her kids get older and more independent.

We’re All Just Trying Our Best

If a woman who has built an empire on being tidy is now struggling with being tidy, that’s a good sign for us mere mortals.  Life is full of transitions large and small. These times of chaos or change can manifest into disarray and disorganization. Even if the transition period is behind you, the effects can linger, causing feelings of overwhelm.  Creating structure in our physical surroundings leads to a greater sense of calm and well-being internally.  But our homes and lives are not perfect because perfect doesn’t exist.  Organization is simply about removing the obstacles of excess stuff and creating systems that help us live our lives more easily and freely.  So, try your best, but always give yourself some grace.

How did Marie Kondo’s confession make you feel?     

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